About Us

OzeVal's aim is to increase the public profile of Property Valuers and their role in the community.

OzeVal is designed to provide an internet solution to Property Valuation Marketing, and a convenient service for Property Valuation Professionals and their clients.

OzeVal's mission is to market the property valuation profession to the public and to give a quick convenient means of finding a local valuer and ordering a property valuation.

OzeVal is a network of property valuers across Australia who receive valuation requests via our clients and customers on the Internet.

There is no subscription fee for membership and all members are API members and hold Professional Indemnity Insurance cover.

Valuation requests are distributed to the property valuer nearest to the property and consideration is given to area of speciality and expertise if the valuation requires special knowledge.

The site has been designed to be as practical as possible for the client to request a valuation.

The system is gaining acceptance with more clients every day so it is very important for valuers to advise OzeVal of any changes to your details, especially your e-mail address.

OzeVal is also linked to from the following sites

OzeVal can also be accessed via the following links http://www.aussieval.com.au and http://www.propertyvaluations.com.au