Welcome to the OzeVal Members Meeting Place

Your browser does not support Java applets. Upgrade to a newer browser or use the Options menu to enable Java. You may also use the link bellow to access the HTML version of your chat room.

Chat Room Commands
Joining a chat room
How to join a chat room: To join a chat room, enter your user-name or handle into the "Name" field in the Login screen and click on "Join" or press <enter>. If a password is required, enter the password in the login screen.

Communicating with Others
Public Chat: Once connected, you will be able to chat with other users by simply typing a message into the field at the bottom of the screen and pressing <Enter> on your computer. Any message you type will be sent to ALL users unless you select a specific user, from the user list.

Private Chat: To send a private message to a particular user, select the user?s name from the user list. The Private box will automatically be highlighted. Only the select users will see the message (you will notice that your name and the name of the recipient with be enclosed in double quotes, indicating that you have sent a private message). To switch from Private chat to Public chat mode, simply select the All Users entry from the user list.

Erases the Chat area box.